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What is County Tax Appraisal Data?
The county clerk maintains a database of every property in the county including the owner, owner address, property details, deed date, and appraisal, or value placed on the property by the county. This data is available to the public on the county clerk web site.

Why is it useful for investors?
County appraisal data is a valuable source for property information for real estate investors searching for "motivated sellers." Many times investors drive the streets looking for properties that are either vacant or have a good deal of deferred maintenance. Either can be a sign for a motivated seller. The investor then uses the county appraisal data search to locate the owner and either call or send a letter asking if they are interested in selling. Another option is to use the advanced county data search and go "fishing."

What is fishing?
Investors go "fishing" for motivated sellers when they blanket an area with "I'll buy your house" letters. Utilizing an advanced search on county appraisal data, like we've provided for Dallas and Tarrant county enables investors to improve their targeting of motivated sellers. Since each letter drives up your marketing costs, the more targeted your mailings, the higher return on your investment.

What do I do if someone responds to my letters?
Check out the wholesaler investment tips for additional information on sending, responding and making an offer.

Why use dfwinvestors.net advanced county appraisal search?
The dfwinvestors.net advanced appraisal search is designed by investors for investors. We've created a powerful search tool with the ability to export the data to excel which can then be mail merged to print thousands of letters.

What are some examples of useful searches?
Our advanced search enables investors to search for the following: " Non-owner occupied property owners - "tired of being a landlord?" " Deed dates previous to a certain date - ensures equity in property " Specific street, property type, year built or appraisal range

Which searches are paid and which are free?
All "basic" searches and result details are free. Therefore, you can look up any county appraisal data based on a street address for free. Advances searches are free but you'll need an premium dfwinvestors.net subscription view the property details or export the results.

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