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This is a quick-start guide for real estate investing in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. Read this page first then use the links to the left for the good stuff!

1. Determine Your Objectives
What are your objectives for investing in real estate? Below are some common objectives for first-time investors. Each will require a slightly different approach.

  • Get rich quick - Ya, right. Investing in real estate is hard work and it requires both time and money. That said, we'll show you how to increase your odds for success.

  • Provide additional cash flow or monthly income - You've been reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and ready for cash flow opportunities. It's a good strategy but make sure to buy your properties cheap, like you'll find in our wholesale or cashflow marketplace. If you pay too much for your properties then the cash will flow the wrong way.

  • Invest for the future - Real estate can be a great investment for the future as it (almost) always appreciates. That said, you've got to educate youurself, buy smart and cover your short-term risks.

  • Fire my boss - Most new real estate investors have ambitions to quit their job and become their own boss. This is an admirable long term goal but keep your job and invest in real estate on-the-side until you have a full understanding of the market and risks.

2. Find Your Niche - There are 100 ways to make money in real estate and probably 1,000 ways lose it. You need to find your niche and master it to be successful long term. If you work every type of investment in every location then you'll never be an expert in anything - and I guarantee you'll lose money.

3. Build Your Network - Each time you talk with someone in the business, ask them if they know a good contractor, painter, lawyer, tax advisor, foundation person, etc... When you need one, call them and let them know that so-and-so referred them to you.

4. Start Local - There are opportunities everywhere in the DFW area. Start looking for opportunities in your local area first and avoid purchasing property hours away. Every minute you spend on the road is time you won't be improving or managing the property.

5. Start Looking - Even if you aren't prepared to purchase, start looking for deals. Use our MLS advanced search, wholesale marketplace, cashflow marketplace, motivated sellers list and advanced county search to being finding deals.

6. Start Learning - Take every opportunity to learn. Read all these articles including Getting Started in Real Estate Investing, Intro to Rehabs, and Intro to Wholesaling. Then visit the wholesale marketplace and contact a few sellers, look at some deals and continue to expand your investment network.


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