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What is a motivated seller?
A motivated seller is an owner willing to accept an offer for less than retail price for the property in return for a quick and easy closing. Many times, the homeowners are facing foreclosure, job loss, divorce, illness or simply cannot afford to make the payments. Sometimes the properties are in need of repair and the homeowner will not repair the property.

Where did you find these motivated sellers?
These homeowners searched the internet looking for someone to buy their house. We market to these searchers and ask them a few questions about their property and situation. This information helps investors determine if their property is a viable investment and if they are sufficiently motivated to sell it below value.

Are all these leads good investments?
Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that these are all good investments. As with any open marketplace, some homeowners believe their house is worth more than anyone is willing to pay. Other homeowners simply owe too much on their property for an investor to pick it up inexpensively. That said, some of these deals are excellent opportunities to purchase properties at deep discounts. You need to generate recent sales comparisons to determine the true value of any property before making an offer.

How do I purchase these properties?
I suggest you contact the seller directly and discuss their situation to understand if they are truly motivated to sell. Make an appointment to view the property and have your get estimates on repairs. Pull comps from a real estate agent or a service like Investway to ensure you understand the after repair value (ARV). Then calculate a purchase price based on the repairs, closing and holding costs and your profit and make an offer to the homeowner.

Why do we charge to view these details?
Fair question. Our goal is to build the leading online community for DFW investors. Unfortunately, this doesn't come cheap. We've invested thousands of hours of development on the site and we spend several thousand each month in marketing to moitivated sellers, investors and wholesalers. The low subscription price we charge for access helps us recoup this investment. We believe this is a fair price for such valuable information.

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